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Musical full Moons

Since 2019, the full Moon weeks have turned towards music. Indeed, the observatory has been for several years accustomed to instrumental interludes and other musical events.

Music has naturally found its place in this unusual setting, and today we decide to give it a role in its own right, by scheduling concerts, during periods of full Moon.

The many musical events held at the observatory have created unforgettable memories of joy and given rise to fruitful and warm exchanges. We want to share with you these unique moments, where songs and instruments join the wide sky, the mountainous reliefs and the glittering Moon.

The brightness of moonlit nights, splendid as it is, is not conducive to astronomical observation. You will find in Chiran then at these periods artists and musicians inspired by stars and light selena ; sometimes playing outdoors, facing the nocturnal and alpine panorama, sometimes under the dome, taking advantage of its important acoustic response.

Blue Mingos, Tchava Genza, CelloDan' and more passing musicians having feasted on their improvised melodies, during the astronomical observation. Musical instruments are permanently available to the public, in the dome: piano, guitars, double bass, theremin...

A small overview of the artists who came to the Chiran during the 2019 season.


You are musician ? Playing at the observatory inspires you ?

Contact us by telephone (or by SMS, the telephone network is generally weak on the site) to agree on a public performance, during a full Moon period.

All bookings are made by phone or on our website via the Booking & contact page.

To find out our prices during the concert period, go to the Rates page.

The observatory and music is already a long story.

Blue Mingos

Swing Jazz

Date of performance: 17/08/2019



Tri Óró

Modern Irish celtic musics

Date of performance: 22/06/2019



Aurélie Agullo &

Mélanie Demaria

Singing, compositions, music and urban poetry

Date of performance: from 14th to 16th August 2019

TV presentation

Maxime Le Royer

Multi-instrument player - Handpan,tongue drum, didgeridoo, guitar, Jew's harp...

Date of performance: from 17th to 19th July 2019




And previous years...


Solo cellist - traveling music


Blue Mingos

Swing Jazz



Gilles Blanchard


Jazzband & ragtime



Tchava genza

Gypsy Jazz



Guitar player - Jazz 70's