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The Refuge

After your hike to the Chiran, when you arrive, you will finally be able to discover the panorama unfolding on 360 degrees, or to drink at the refreshment bar of the refuge.


During your installation in the rooms, we will not fail to explain the few peculiarities of the operation of the place.


Indeed, the observatory and the refuge are located at the top of the mountain. This imposes some constraints: there is no source at the top, no more than connection to the electricity network. It therefore requires to be autonomous in water and electricity.


Rainwater recovery for household water consumption and photovoltaic electricity supplying almost all the needs of the site.


Only drinking water, wood pellets for heating and a few bottles of gas are refueled at the shelter using a single vehicle.


Despite the altitude and isolation, the buildings are not "hi-tech", so this place shows since its creation other possible; and as such, allows us to share the experience on a daily basis, without this posing any particular constraints to your stay.


However, you will need to consider a moderate water consumption and a voltage of 24 volts, not allowing the recharging of your devices. So do not forget to recharge your phones, cameras before going up to Chiran.

The Rooms


Our refuge has a capacity of sixteen places. Upstairs, you will find the four rooms of the refuge, each with four beds. From the windows, you can continue to admire the alpine landscape.


We are a refuge, if you are less than four, you will eventually have to share the room with other visitors.


Sheets are not provided. You will need a sleeping bag liner to sleep in our duvets. You will find one duvet on each bed, with a blanket.


The rooms have been arranged to allow you to sleep on the spot, at the top of the mountain, after the astronomical observation, in order to avoid you a return in nocturnal hike, for more than an hour and a half minimum, which we strongly advise against you.


Breakfast is included in the night and is ready at 8:00 every morning. Departures are in the forenoon.

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