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About us

About the astronomical observatory of Mount Chiran




Former CNRS observatory (National Center for Scientific Research) because of its increasingly rare quality of atmosphere, the site is now open to any public curious of celestial objects. The refuge also allows hikers to enjoy a stopover on a mountain route.

With the help of an astronomy animator, you can take the time to stay a full night to observe the moon, planets, stars, galaxies and many other remarkable astronomical objects.

For astronomy clubs or amateur astronomers: weeks of missions are

possible and welcome !

Information on requests.

The Mount Chiran astronomical observatory, whose management had been entrusted to the ABCDE Association, now operates independently of the association, while remaining bound by it.

The Chiran receives curious ones about 

the sky, as well as amateur astronomers, either in groups, or isolated.

Accommodation is provided at the refuge which has 16 beds (4 rooms of 4 bunk beds), as well as a large common room and a kitchen.

The refuge also provides meals, prepared by our cook.

Attention, the meals elaborated on the spot, are proposed only in the evening.

However, if you are roaming, you can order picnics for lunch in advance.

A confirmed astronomer animates the astro parties in the dome which is equipped with a 406 mm telescope, built by the members of the association and the manager of the observatory.

The refuge took place in the premises that once housed scientists…

You will also find many documents about astronomy, fauna and flora, the discovery of the Chiran massif and the Verdon Regional Nature Park.

You can make a hike there during the day or for the night.



In the cupola :

Newton Serrurier telescope on fork mount

  • Diametre = 406 mm

  • Focal length = about 1.8 m

  • Aperture (ratio F/d) = about equal to 4.5

  • Automated and self-guided telescope for astrophotography

This makes it a rather "open" telescope, and therefore more specialized for deep sky objects (nebulae, galaxies...).

Characteristics of the telescope and instrumentation

In parallel with the telescope, are fixed two other instruments dedicated to solar observation :

  • A 90 mm coronograph for the observation of solar protuberances

  • A 60mm H alpha bezel for the observation of sun spots and all of the sun phenomena


Other instruments and mounts are present and available on request.

Adapter rings for cameras are available, so do not forget your camera bodies !

Many photographs made by us are visible in the gallery.

A few words about the ABCDE

ABCDE Association headquartered in BLIEUX (04330), was created 1982 by Jean Estève. His goal was to participate in the economic development of the valley and to create cultural activities.

The board and lodging «La chambrette», created by the association was installed in two houses of the old village which have been restored for this purpose. With a capacity of 28 beds and an almost unlimited possibility to provide meals, the lodge is fully integrated into the village's life, and actively participates in tourism development.


The cultural activities of the association are varied : organization of exhibitions, themed parties, village party and other festive meetings.

A printing workshop that a member of the association created with old machines allowed him to print an almanac imagined and designed by the association, as well as the "bestiary" which will appear this year in several issues.

With the exception of the Chiran refuge where the welcome and the astro animations, and the lodging of La Chambrette are managed by independent managers, all activities of the association are carried out by volunteers.

Here is an archive film made by CNRS members during the first construction of the observatory.